Sentara-EVMS Fetal Care Center

A pregnant woman receiving an ultrasound

Comprehensive Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment for High-Risk Pregnancies

Sometimes issues arise in a pregnancy that requires the care of a highly qualified team of physicians. The Sentara-EVMS Fetal Care Center offers expert maternal and fetal care when the challenge of a high-risk pregnancy is facing your family.

There are different ways to help improve the medical condition of a fetus with abnormalities through various medical therapies or treatment. In rare situations, fetal intervention is available to treat an abnormality so the baby can continue to develop in utero. Our team of maternal-fetal experts treats many fetal conditions once considered life-threatening or only treatable after birth. We offer the most advanced technologies and treatment options to achieve the best possible outcomes for both mothers and their babies.

The unique strengths of the Center come from the combined expertise of the world-class institution Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and the highly skilled physicians of EVMS. The Sentara-EVMS Fetal Care Center offers renowned maternal-fetal medicine specialists, leading technologies and integrated support services to help families with pregnancies complicated by multiple gestation, fetal conditions including birth defects or other medical issues. Advanced assessment, diagnostic tests and procedures are used to identify and address a wide variety of conditions are available at the Center. By combining expert diagnosis and care from EVMS physicians and Sentara's state-of-the-art technologies, patients and their families are offered the full range of prenatal evaluation, fetal diagnosis and treatment services for both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy and after delivery.

The Sentara-EVMS Fetal Care Center is the only location in Virginia offering operative fetoscopy and laser therapy for the treatment of twin twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). This procedure utilizes a combination of a miniaturized camera and instruments with ultrasound guidance to close communicating blood vessels on the placental surface. Since TTTS affects about 15 percent of monochorionic multiple gestations, streamlined evaluation through our dedicated monochorionic twin clinic and treatment for this condition is available for patients throughout the region.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to achieve the best possible outcome throughout the continuum of pregnancy and childhood for our patients and families.