Diagnosis and Treatment

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Offering a Full Range of Services

The Sentara-EVMS Fetal Care Center is the only location in Virginia offering operative fetoscopy and laser therapy for the treatment of twin twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). This procedure utilizes a combination of a miniaturized camera and instruments with ultrasound guidance to close communicating blood vessels on the placental surface. Since TTTS affects about 15% of monochorionic multiple gestations, streamlined evaluation through our dedicated Monochorionic twin clinic and treatment for this condition is available for patients throughout the region.

Services offered at the EVMS Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center for Advanced Fetal Therapy

  • Comprehensive maternal and fetal care
  • Total OB care or co-management with referring physicians
  • MFM Consultation
  • Genetic counseling
  • Monochorionic Twin Clinic
  • Prenatal Diagnosis Ultrasound (a non-invasive evaluative test)
  • Fetal Echocardiography (a safe ultrasound study performed on a pregnant mother's abdomen to show the structure of an unborn baby's heart)
  • Amniocentesis (an invasive test to assess chromosomes/karyotype)
  • CVS (chorionic villus sampling)
  • Amnioinfusion
  • Other fetal sampling before viability - Vesicocentesis, thoracentesis
  • Coordination with Anesthesiology and other Pediatric subspecialty teams - Neonatology, Cardiology, Surgery, Neurology, Urology
  • Multi-fetal pregnancy reduction

Services offered at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

  • Fetoscopy (a specialized minimally invasive procedure using a miniaturized camera and equipment that allows the developing fetus to be evaluated within the womb)
  • Laser Treatment for Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome
  • Fetal transfusions
  • Fetal Shunts (a minimally invasive procedure, under ultrasound guidance, where a “drainage” shunt is placed into a fetal body cavity to facilitate removal of fluid)
  • Procedures after viability

Services offered at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

  • Fetal MRI
  • Pediatric Subspecialty Consultation
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units
  • Pediatric Heart Surgery Program
  • Medical Genetics and Metabolism Clinic
  • Spina Bifida Clinic